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When I rarely post (it’s not you, it’s me, I swear), it becomes quite obvious that I have ol’ standby labels that I like to post about as much as possible. Case in point, this here is another Ovate post, only three doors down from the last one. It’s hard for me to get tired of Ovate though, seeing as it’s pretty much the only clothing I’ve bought in 2014, and is the only clothing I plan on buying for the remainder of the year (unless, of course, mydearthing or dusturbance resurrects before 2015 rolls around). And that plan was cemented further by yesterday’s unveiling of Oxyde, the Ovate A/W 14 collection. Having hinted to Audrey that I was wanting some black linen pants, I’m rather ecstatic that there’s some tencel/linen twill pants in the Ovate mens’ department. Not only is that blend better than linen itself, but I’ve been curious to see whether my teenage and 20-age hatred of pleats is completely gone, now that I’m firmly ensconced in my 30s. I.e. these will be my first purchase from the Oxyde collection. After that, who knows? I did just start a new contract today that gives me full-time hours for the next 6 months, so I think I’m quite entitled to one of the new fabulous linen coats (either the rougher one, being a hemp/linen hand-dyed creation, or the InAisce-esque one, being pure linen).

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I’m also incredibly tempted by the band collar mens’ shirt, largely because it’s the same dreamy silk/hemp/organic cotton blend that made up last collection’s Ostia and Odessa dresses. The curved merino wool dress (which takes me back to the Verlaine studio change room) and mens’ (or womens‘) hemp/recycled poly hooded cardigan are also quite lovely, of course.

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But I must point out: I do believe that this is the first Ovate collection since the dawn of the Valhalla hoodie back in 2011 that the signature Ovate piece has not been available. Will we survive? Possibly. But only because I still have a back up Valhalla in storage. And if you don’t, the wool/nylon cloak or vest (now with safer fastener!) still capture the essence of the Valhalla, so I think we shall all be okay. Right? Right.*

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*Well, technically, we’re going to be left. Because that’s the only way WordPress will let me insert these photos. Sigh.