Chromat, A/W 14: Bionic Bodies (Part 2)

When I’m on holidays, I like to minimize my exposure to screens, both the Internets- and television-kind. When I was in the mountains (the first week of holidays), this required absolutely no effort on my part. But when the second phase of holidays moved to civilization and my employer knew I was in wi-fi territory, I did the responsible/career-wise thing and made sure to check my tablet twice a day. And it was a good non-career-wise thing too, because not only did I not miss the chance to enter NJAL’s weekly Twitter giveaway contest, but I won said contest! I’m pretty certain this is the only thing I’ve ever won in my 30 years, so it I find it rather funny that what I won was a piece from kOs (and huge personal) favorite, chromat. It’s like the world knows me or something, eh? And Becca certainly knows me, as I technically won the Molly Top in white, but when it arrived this afternoon, it was the even more glorious black version. Becca, you rule. You too, NJAL.


Anyway, as soon as I arrived back home, the magnificent A/W 14 ‘Bionic Bodies’ collection arrived in the chromat webshop. If my scanner was working, I’d mos def scan the lovely poster/collection rap sheet Becca included in my parcel, as I had only posted the runway video before. Alas, with my clock all messed up, WordPress working funny (i.e. groups of photos will not center), and the fourth episode of Twin Peaks awaiting, I’m just going to post a couple pieces here. I can’t even say they’re my most favorite two pieces, because Becca really knocked it out of the park with this collection. I’m sure I’ve said that before of previous chromat collections, but, really, I want and would wear no less than 22 of the 23 looks on the poster (the other one being the all-leather look). Well, I think there is one other piece has leather detailing, the Chromed Chestplate, but I could never afford it anyway, so I’ll include it in the count. So, check out the entire collection in the chromat webshop, and start saving those pennies. And since I am now a full-time working gal, I might even snag one or two of these pieces for myself, starting with the Mesh Cutout V-Bra.


And if that last scholarship cheque that I keep imagining will show up in my mailbox does show up (…and it’s 8X the amount I’m imagining it to be), it’ll be hard not blowing it on the Chromed Metropolis Dress. As far as I’m concerned, this piece is Becca’s crowning jewel in her chromat crown. Seriously, we’re talking about 100+ metal plates, 1000+ o-rings, and a chain halter strap. Think the Gladiator meets Madonna meets the coolest building ever. Oh yeah, and Metropolis. But I expect that jewel will soon have company, as early as the next chromat collection. Becca, you’re gonna need a bigger crown.

1402-19-MetropolisDress-15 1402-19-MetropolisDress-7 1402-19-MetropolisDress-16