Ovate all of the things


You may have noticed that I am all about promoting designers and labels that I can personally get behind rather than blindly perpetuating the trends and names you see in magazines and malls. And one label that I can 100% get behind is Audrey Cantwell’s Montreal-based Ovate. Having recently been dinged too many times on customs, I am so so so incredibly happy that this label is in my backyard (metaphorically speaking – Audrey is more than half way across the country). Not only do I know I’ll be getting top quality clothing, but I don’t have to pay extra at the door, the shipping (like the customer service) is super fast, and I feel patriotic, all at the same time. Happy sigh.

Anyway, I feel it is my duty to inform you all that pretty much everything in the (newly revamped) Ovate shop is on sale right now. So you should buy all of the things. I can say from personal experience that the bamboo/cotton jersey used in the women’s and men’s Bias Panel tees and tanks is the softest material ever, as well as the lightest non-clingy thin jersey I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend straying over into the men’s side of the shop and ordering a size bigger than you’d normally choose based on the size chart so you wear the men’s Bias Panel pieces as dresses (e.g. I’m between a medium/large in Ovate women’s and could fit a men’s small, but I ordered a medium in men’s). Because, you know, no pants = the most important element of any summer piece. The linen tee dresses are lovely too, though ask Audrey first about sizing if you tend to have narrower shoulders for your size (I have 15″ shoulders and fit the large Ostia perfectly, but I probably should’ve gone for the medium rather than the large in the linen tee dress – I think I’m going to add a pleat of sorts down the middle front/back to narrow it a bit). The absolute star of the collection though (as I assumed) is the hemp/organic cotton/silk gauze material, used in both the Odessa and the Ostia dresses (both of which are now 50% off). It’s very airy, very light, a little bit stretchy, flows away from your body rather than clinging, and has a texture to it that means you can still wear it pulled directly from the bottom of that heap o’ clothes on the floor (you know the one) sans sweat-inducing ironing. The Ostia with the silk charmeuse-lined sleeves is my go-to piece for meetings, and it looks perfect over a pair of cropped pants/boyfriend jeans. The Odessa, on the other hand, is my answer to the dilemma of wanting to wear as little as possible while wanting to cover the hideous mix of mosquito bites/ugly heat rash/cycling trophies that show up around my knees every summer. Has dropped arm holes so you get some extra ventilation too. Oh, and if your order ticks off some mystical magical box, it comes packaged in a lovely linen bag the size of a mini-pillowcase, which is perfect for machine washing your delicates in. It’s a lovely summer when Ovate’s in it.

(Photo by Ellen Rogers Photography, via here)