Lucky 13


A week late, but I actually found something that matches the green cover of my thesis, and without any effort at that. Rad Hourani‘s unisex couture collection (#13) just walked down the runway in Paris, and it features three looks that I’m fairly certain are the exact shade of the cover. I mean, I was in a dark basement and only briefly saw the swatch under a neon light, but I am usually spot on with shades of green. I think. Hey, actually, the day I was in that dark thesis-binding room was the exact day of the runway show. Coincidence? I think not…

Anyway, there were of course tons of black looks in the collection as well (it wouldn’t be Rad Hourani without), including patterned and sequined black, tied together in a neat kimono-ish bow. It’s always a pleasure to see how Rad introduces new elements to his work, while staying true to the Rad Hourani aesthetic that’s been present from the very beginning. That said, seeing as how it’s a unisex collection, I’d really like to see every look represented on the runway twice, once on a woman and once on a man (I think this was done in a previous Rad Hourani lookbook). I know logistically this could be a bit of a nightmare, having two of every look runway ready and double the models, but it would really get the point across that it is unisex collection, not just womens’ couture and mens’ couture (is this a thing?) squished into one show. Actually, I’d be happy if even just the more feminine looks went down the runway on a male model, and vice versa. I’m particularly interested in how the first look below would be styled on a guy (and I know I would rock that coat in the second look below). But that’s just me.


(Photos via here)