Everything’s gone green

I’m so the first person to graduate from my program that my department had to pick a new cover colour for binding my thesis. So instead of the ugly brown shade I was expecting, I’m getting a lovely shade of dark green. To celebrate, I wanted to post a picture of a dark green dress. But then, when I thought about it, I realized that I, like, never see dark green dresses. Why are there no dark green dresses?! Is there something wrong with the colour? Are designers unable to think in green? It’s not easy being green?!!

Oh wait, Alexander McQueen already nailed it. That’s why.


By the way all other (or, er, most) future ramblings about my thesis/Sulpicia shall now be over at my new shiny blog, because I think Sulpicia is getting between me and my fans. Or something. Click here if you still want to hear about her.

(Photo of A/W 06 look via Style.com)