Inside Out

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I feel like the plants in the lookbook shots from Youjia Jin‘s perfect MA grad collection (entitled ‘Inside Out’, which, yes, you’ve already seen here) are taunting me, specifically the cut and dead ones. Having wanted to grow roses like my Opa did, I bought two potted rose bushes for the first time a few weeks ago, and yesterday they both went in the dumpster due to an aphid infestation, about a week after having to cut off all the dead blooms. On Saturday I also found the aphids had taken up residence in my thus far successful growing of strawberries, and now, due to the homemade solution which the Internets swears by, all the pretty little pink strawberry blooms are brown and shriveled. The two house plants I had bought at the same time as the roses to help purify the air are also dead. Green thumbs, I have not; branch cutting skills, I do. Sigh.


(Photos via NJAL)