On a Wim


NJAL succeeded in making me look at Belgian designer Wim Bruynooghe‘s work with the words ‘sheer illustrated designs’. Then finding out Wim was born in Bruges, one of my favorite places ever, made me look at more than just the first collection that popped up on his NJAL page. Then, seeing that his Masters grad collection (seen here) was entitled ‘LENA’, a word that has appeared in the Latin vocabulary of Sulpicia‘s world, AND that it was inspired in part by Ostend, the town at the end of the line that we never actually got to but fully intend on visiting next time we’re in Belgium, I knew this find was meant to be. I love the whole aesthetic of this collection too, though I can’t really describe why. Possibly because some of the illustrations on the pieces are of the collection itself. So meta.

Wim Bruynooghe Wim Bruynooghe Wim Bruynooghe Wim Bruynooghe

(Photos via NJAL and here)