H O W L by Maria Glück

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I’ve had this flagged for posting for over a week now, but I’ve been so immersed in my summer research project (groundwater use in hydraulic fracturing) that (summer)time is flying by. I was introduced to Berlin-based H O W L by Maria Glück via NJAL‘s weekly (or is it biweekly?) giveaway on Twitter, as the prize in question was the below outfit from Maria’s A/W 13/14 collection. Though not really my thing (and I never win anything), I really liked the forest print and neoprene-like shape of the “pullover-jacket” (both pieces are a wool/acrylic blend).


What I really love though is finding out that Maria is all about a sustainable approach to fashion, with handmade techniques, ecological, organic and recycled fabrics, fabrics from small mills/traditional production, continuous research on materials such as techno bio fabrics, and local or regional production. And in addition to that, Maria’s A/W 14/15 collection (seen up top and available here for pre-order) just looks flippin’ great. The wood and cork details are fantastic, and there’s nothing I want around my neck more right now than a wooden necklace with flowers. Maria and H O W L are definitely on kOs’ favorite list from this day forward.


P.S. For those of you following my journey with Sulpicia, I hear this is a good read. Also, I’ve been urged to write a book on Sulpicia, and I’m thinking about looking at Twilight fans’ obsession with writing fan-fic about a minor character named Sulpicia. If you’re one such person, drop me an email! I’d love to chat.