Mode Metonym

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I’ve been finding it especially hard to connect with any collections/pieces over the last few weeks, most likely because my brain has been stretched in so many different directions. But today, this collection of abstract sculptures (entitled ‘Mode Metonym’) from London College of Fashion grad (and milliner!) Kate Langrish-Smith totally jumped out at me. I find that the idea of negative space in general always receives an interesting treatment in art, and the fact that this collection’s treatment of it is “intended as a response to the ever-shifting boundaries and nature of both art and fashion” makes it even more relevant to our interests here. Of course, it might subconsciously appeal to me because I’ve been thinking over one of the questions in my thesis defense on both the performative nature of Latin elegy and the reception of it, so maybe my mind is translating my ideas into sculptures as we speak. Who knows what’s going on up there…

By the way, the thesis defense went swimmingly (passed without revisions!) and the thesis has been submitted. There’s even some discussion on how I need to turn it into a book! Good way to end an exhausting May.

P.S. Thanks for everyone’s lovely comments last post.

(Photos via NJAL)