Just in time for something

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The last week or so has been full of instances of bad (or at least off) timing. Because my second reader took longer than I was planning to get my thesis draft back to me, I missed the deadline to escape paying more tuition. Because my supervisor for my summer job is traveling, I’m not starting for a couple more weeks, meaning I have a progress report meeting to attend before I’ve actually done anything. Just when I had put together my favorite spring outfit ever (featuring a custom Dusturbance jacket), it suddenly turned to summer. After finally dragging myself to go buy a pair of pants since I was out of any that fit sans gigantic hole in an inappropriate area, and after cutting off the tag of a pair of way too expensive (but US made) jeans that fit perfectly, I realized I had bought them on a skinny day. And, as my newest vinyl purchase has once again confirmed, my musical tastes show that I was born in the wrong decade.

Then again, as a personal hero of mine, Anne Carson, said, time isn’t interesting. So who cares, right? And speaking of who cares, here is some menswear I want to wear, courtesy of old time kOs favorite, Ethosens. I’d tell you what collections these pieces are from but, you know, time not being interesting and all, it’s just details.

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