madame with a mission

I feel like it’s been a long time since I came across a label I identified with this strongly, though I’m too short on time to back that statement up (I finally got my revisions back from my second reader! I haz schedules!). Unfortunately, information on this label is rather scant (at least in English), so this will be a very image-heavy post. I will at least control myself and post only two collections, though I would happily post them all in a heartbeat. So. The label in question is called MADAME WITH A MISSION (or mwam; found via NJAL), and is headed (perhaps solely run?) by Vienna-based designer Susa Kreuzberger. The first collection I saw and which you see below is S/S 14, entitled ‘Re-Cover-Up’. I think the collection speaks for itself.

24 16 23 22 14 2 9 1 13

The second collection I will post here is A/W 12. I have no idea what the title of it is, but if I were to name it, it would be ‘My Fall With Alice.’ I don’t know if Lauren would agree with me, but a few of these looks absolutely scream ‘mydearthing’, or at least portray how I would dress on an autumn day in NY. Sigh.

1c 3c 14c 2c 8c 26c

Right, now onto the revisions…and most likely finishing up all the Downton Abbey that Netflix has to offer…