In season. Non-seasonal. InAisce.

The last we heard from Jona Sees was that InAisce would no longer be releasing full RTW collections, but rather intermittent experiments, collaborations, and signature pieces. Without a clear sense of what that InAisce world would look like, I was sad, but happy at the same time that Jona would be doing what he wanted to do, rather than getting caught in the gerbil wheel that is the fashion industry. And, after a PDF of eight InAisce collaborated outfits landed in my inbox this morning, I think it’s safe to say that the InAisce aesthetic we all grew to love is still alive.

inaisceapril3 inaisceapril1 inaisceapril2 inaisceapril4 inaisceapril5

Reminds me of when my man’s local band did a local reunion show, and one of the members brilliantly said: “It’s great to be back…though we were never really gone.” Also gives me hope that my decision to end my academic career (at least for now) coupled with yesterday’s offered job within academia is going to turn out just fine. Anyway, these are my top five looks out of the eight. (If you’d like to see all eight, either go here, or shoot me a comment/email and I’ll send you a copy of the PDF.) Thanks, Jona, for this.

Women’s sandal by Kofta; women’s belt by Artemas Quibble; women’s derbies by Layer-0; men’s scarf and background art by Taiana; photography by Jeff P. Elstone II; hair by Takeo Suzuki; makeup by Jenny Smith and Kemery Sisam; modelling by Eligha Ojok and A. Jason Ross