Daniel Ramos Obregón


I’ve had Colombian designer Daniel Ramos Obregón‘s NJAL page open on my laptop for an entire week now, but couldn’t seem to find the words for what I wanted to say about his work except for ‘it’s cool!’, or something to that lame effect. Now, having come back from the 2nd best interview I’ve ever had (if not the best), I think I’m relating to Daniel’s work for reasons entirely different from why his work first caught my eye (i.e. not for reasons related to my current obsession with Star Wars: The Clone Wars), so that’s what’s going down in print. Daniel’s collection entitled ‘Homines’ (above) explores the notion of how gender identity is acquired, particularly for men, with “ornamental pieces that intend to highlight certain areas of the male body while forcing and enhancing particular gestures.” While my interview had nothing to do with gender identity, interviews seem to force you into particular gestures, highlighting certain aspects of your previous experience and skills while ignoring others. Daniel’s fantastic grad collection (in MA Fashion Artefact, from London College; below), entitled ‘Outrospection; The Body and Mind’, echoes my interview-related interpretation of ‘Homines’, as it looks at out-of-body experiences, with “the mind being projected inwards out of the body as a way of self-expression and representation.” Interviews for me are the oddest type of situation to be in, as it always seems like I’m answering the questions for myself as much as for the interviewers, and it’s almost as if I’m watching myself. I even go as far as deciding whether I’d hire myself after an interview. And in this case, I would.

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P.S. WordPress has changed how I can change the size of the photos, and it seems to be impossible to have two photos side by side, as I like to do. So, it seems I have to present one photo at a time. Sigh. In the meantime, I’ve found that I can flip and rotate photos, as you might’ve guessed from the above presentation. Hope I don’t make you too dizzy.