Ovate, S/S 14


Last night, the new Ovate collection dropped. But because I was busy watching Inside Llewyn Davis finally, I didn’t post it then. Now, the website does not seem to be loading, so I have a feeling everyone was waiting for this morning to see it. So, I can’t post any links, prices, or alternate shots here. But, trust me, when you get to see it in all its procurable glory, you won’t be disappointed. (Edit: The website is back up! Go go go!) There’s barely any leather this time around (in the clothes – there’s plenty in the bags), and there’s a lot of bamboo jersey, hemp, and something called jute fiber. I have my eye on two pieces in particular. First of all, the Odessa dress.


It’s a fantastic bamboo/silk/something-else-I-can’t-remember-or-verify-just-yet blend hemp/silk/organic cotton blend, is a loose fit racerback cut (as opposed to the closer fitting racerback dress seen at the top) AND it has one of the jute scarves (a staple in this new collection) attached, meaning it’s not only a great deal, but it makes choosing a scarf in the morning so much easier. It also means I don’t have to choose between an Ovate jute vest (yes, those two looks at the top in the first row are vests, not scarves) and an Ovate dress. That said, the fantastic dress/scarf combo doesn’t make it easy to decide between it and my second pick, this cardigan (whose fabric content I can’t remember at all and can’t confirm just yet a hemp/organic cotton blend), as Audrey is willing to make a vegan version of it (the sleeves and ties as seen below are leather), making it more like a short springy version of the fantastic new Ovate boiled wool (/acrylic blend) coat (seen below on the right) which features that mini scythe again (from the last collection) as its closure. Oh boy.


There are also tons of great basics for both women and men, with leggings, tanks, tees, and sweatshirts, so, do check it out…once because the website is back up (go here to at least look at the full collection).

(Photos by Manon Parent, via Facebook)