Raw Power


Phewf. I seem to have been holding my breath for the last week, either in anticipation of the dusturbance online shop finally opening (tell me you haven’t missed the preview given by Queen Michelle the last few weeks!), or in the search of some sort of blogging inspiration. And as I have to be patient a little longer for the appearance of the former, I’m happy to announce that I have discovered something to satisfy the latter. Because, let me tell you, I was getting a bit blue in the face. So, to tide us over a bit (okay…a huge bit) between the wonder that is the A/W runway season and procurable dusturbance pieces, here is the A/W 14 collection from British designer (and CSM grad) Phoebe English (found via Fashion156). The raw edges, the layering, the shapes…It’s just perfect. Except for the fact that it’s not in my closet. In particular, there just happens to be a hole in my closet shaped exactly like this look below, which features one of Phoebe’s signature materials, latex. I imagine the smell would drive my bonkers, but I would consider the sacrifice of a portion of my sanity for this outfit.


Thank you for saving me, both Phoebe and Fashion156. I really couldn’t have held my breath any longer. I have to ask though, Phoebe: is that really your last name? I have the sudden desire to change my last name to ‘Canadian’…