Iris van Herpen, A/W 14

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I totally had a post lined up, but then I saw this. And as both of the stock sites I go to for runway coverage aren’t covering this show, I felt the need to get this to y’all, pronto. These photos are of Iris van Herpen‘s show today, a name I’ve only mentioned once here on kOs, but whose work I’ve ogled frequently. Iris’ work is so spectacular and this show is very very McQueen. I’m hoping a video goes up somewhere, as I’d love to see what exactly was going on with the shrink-wrapped models who seem to be attached to the runway-matrix. For, as you can see in the very very right of the photos above, and in the photo below, the models walking aren’t the only ones on the runway. Looks absolutely brilliant. Why isn’t and UK Vogue covering Iris’ shows?!! When Björk tips her hat at a designer, you know they are the epitome of what fashion should be. Thank goodness for SHOWstudio – they know what’s up. (P.S. If you go there right now, there’s still a live panel discussion going on about Iris’ show. Go! Edit: The live panel is now over. But the footage will be up soon here for on-demand viewing. Also, and UK Vogue both finally got the memo and posted the show – just a day too late for my liking!)

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