(yohj) JUN VIV et al., A/W 14


I feel obligated to post about Junya Watanabe’s and Vivienne Westwood’s A/W 14 collections because of tradition and all, but neither of them outshone Yohji Yamamoto’s, and I can’t actually name any of the trifecta as ‘the best collection of the season.’ Mr. Watanabe’s collection did teach me, however, that just because I like black clothes, patchwork stuff, and different textures doesn’t mean that I like those things to be together. On cue, I like the outerwear pieces the best, but these are the most tame of the looks and not really representative of the collection as a whole. Maybe it would be different if I could get up close and personal with these pieces.


Dame Westwood’s collection was what we’ve come to expect from her, though this time it meant that I wasn’t really grabbed by the collection. That said, if the hi-lo trend really must stick around, I implore everyone to only allow it in the form of coats with tails. Also, we must really look more into the hem shape of that center look. I don’t understand how it would work on women with actual hips, but I love it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 5.16.18 PM

Who might I award ‘the best collection of the season’ award to then, you ask? That would be Comme des Garçons, making it the second A/W in a row that CdG has swept a race they weren’t in to begin with. Perhaps because I’m doing laundry as we speak, the jumbled up and tied together pile o’ sweaters really, like, speaks to me. Or something. It’s just positively delightful, from the oversized-oversized jackets to the trompe l’oeil knit leggings to the goth Cindy Lou Who hair. Thanks Rei. Marking these 250+ first-year papers was really getting to me.


(Photos via UK Vogue)