YOHJ (jun viv), A/W 14

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I immediately started grumbling when I saw the Yohji Yamamoto A/W 14 collection, because it was too winter-ish. Then, I stepped outside. How I wish I had one of these coats right now. Anyway, the first question I have is this: are the jackets actually down? Because without no seams (at least no visible outer seams), all of the feathers would immediately drop to the bottom after walking a block or two, making the whole point of the feathers null and void. I’m really hoping they’re not actual down, because down coats make me squeamish (for the same reason as leather).


My second question: what is going on with the humps? Either Mr. Yamamoto was going for a very Comme des Garçons vibe, or he wanted us to think of how the outfits looked whilst sitting down, a tricky look to pull off when a model is walking down a runway. Or how they would look whilst pregnant, which models typically aren’t. Though then there’s that look on the right.


Third question: can there be more Yohji Yamamoto knitwear? Please? Pretty please?


Fourth question: how do I get this outfit now? My new ridiculously expensive duvet cover is so soft, that I wish I was awake longer whilst touching it. If I could actually wear a blanket as pants though, this would solve both my duvet-separation anxiety, and my lack of comfy thesis-writing pants. The mittens, of course, wouldn’t lend themselves well to the whole writing/typing thing, but sacrifices have to be made somewhere.


Last question: why wasn’t there more of this? Well, there was one more look with the same appliqué (is that the right word?) detailing, but I believe that’s the only look in the entire collection that has a leather piece. Sigh. If there had been more leather-free looks like above, I’d say that Mr. Yamamoto won this season’s round of YOHJ JUN VIV like last season (or did he?). Meaning, there’s still a chance for Junya Watanabe or Vivienne Westwood to win the title of best collection of the season. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s JUN and VIV sections. (Because I got the last real chapter of my thesis done today, meaning I haz time to care about things such as Paris Fashion Week.) (Also, I broke my New Years resolution and bought a pair of pants. Cuz I honestly haz no pants without holes. Sigh. At least I lasted nearly two entire months.)

(Photos via Style.com)