Gareth Pugh, A/W 14


Having just watched Alex Fury’s interview with Gareth Pugh earlier this morning, I was hoping to see as much unwearable-ness in Mr. Pugh’s A/W 14 collection as possible. If he was tired in 2010 of the traditional runway show, I can only imagine how bored of it he is now. Then, when the first photo from the runway hit the Internets, I smiled. If he has to do it the traditional way, at least he can have a bit of fun. Because, contrary to the photos above, Mr. Pugh didn’t just create a few unwearable looks, but I think he may have also provided a bit of commentary on the runway show as an institution. For, according to Susie Bubble (below left) and SHOWstudio (below right), at least one of the looks looks like this from behind:


And even if that is the only wind-up toy to walk the runway, I can’t express how happy it makes me to see clothing that resembles (in the very slightest of ways) the saran-wrap and silver wrapping paper fashion my friend and I used to make when we were all of 13 years old (and clothing that gives me an idea of how to continue my ‘career’ as a designer with all those random bits of thesis-note paper strewn all around me). It also seems rather refreshing that Mr. Pugh focused on the ‘W’ portion of the A/W season, with not one piece in black, evoking a vision of a modern (wind-up?) White Witch of Narnia. Gareth Pugh, thanks for sticking around another season. It’s better when you’re around. Oh, and when I mean ‘unwearable’, I mean I want to wear all of these looks.

Edit: SHOWstudio has just posted the video of the show, answering the question of whether there was more than one wind-up looks. The answer is: yes, one more. See the screen cap below, and go here to view the entire show yourself (I’d post it here, but there is a lot of fur, or at least what looks like fur…).

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.00.17 PM

(Photos other than the last one via, Susie Bubble’s Twitter, and SHOWstudio’s Twitter)