At the beginning of this week, Chapter 2 (which is technically the third chapter) of my thesis might as well have been a blank page.


Then, I realized (again) that the writer’s block was caused by my inability to concentrate whilst working on this ridiculously awful smelling laptop. So, I printed some pages off (thank you for your lives, trees), took out my pen, and…


…3 pens later, my chapter is complete.


And it’s beautiful. Sort of. Now, I only have the fun chapter left (in which I will talk about bloggers and other writers appropriating Sulpicia’s name) and the conclusion. Meaning, the end is at hand. Also meaning, I can enjoy my Monday off, which will consist of 6 hours of driving, and an hour or two of seeing Mr. Neil Gaiman in person (for the 3rd time). Sigh.

(Photos from Dutch designer Jef Montes‘ ‘Illuminosa’ collection, found via NJAL)