As I see it, the Fashion Week schedule is as follows:

  • NYFW = Not Yet Fascinating Week
  • LFW = Largely Fascinating Week
  • MFW = Maybe Finish Work (Week)
  • PFW = Phewf, Fashion Week

Currently, the shows are happening in Milan, which, as you can see above, means I’m trying my darnedest to get my work done before the runway photos start coming in from Paris, particularly before the 2nd day of PFW, i.e. Gareth Pugh Day. The plan isn’t really working like gangbusters, most likely because I’ve been running on instant coffee and over-ripe bananas all week. That said, I do have a good feeling about tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day that I might actually get Chapter 2 in almost presentable rough draft form, especially with the help of my newest favorite genre of music, atmospheric black metal. Metal Finishes Work? Metal Fixes Wonky (Chapter)? Metal Frees Words? (Maybe Fire the Writer?) Thesis, you broke me. But I can still enjoy these looks from Minki Cheng’s MIMk label. Why I would like the ones below is obvious, but I can’t really explain why I like the ones above (just like last time)…MIMk For the Win? Yep, I’m broken.