London College of Fashion MA, A/W 14


In the spirit of collegiality, I thought I’d also post collections from the London College of Fashion MA grad show. Two, to be specific, as these are the ones that really stood out for me. The first one from Wen Tan is just a bit of fun, playing with half-hats and screenprints of (drawings by Wen of) skeletons, making one think of dissection, medical experiments, Keanu Reeves as a dentist, and the deconstruction of what exactly a men’s coat is. Then, you get to the last piece with the print of a mammoth skeleton, making you rethink what all the previous looks were actually all about. My guess is extinction. Or ice. Or ice extinction.


The second collection from Youjia Jin, full of slashed basics and floating chiffon panels, represents what workwear should look like, especially workwear in a windy city. And as I’m quickly approaching that time in my life again, possibly in the windy downtown area, I’m wanting all these looks. The woven-in chiffon panels also remind me that I need to check back in with Yvonne Laufer sometime…

Hey, I just realized that the women’s collection is rather masculine, and the men’s collection is rather feminine. The world makes sense again.

(Photos via UK Vogue)