Central Saint Martins MA, A/W 14

I wanted to post this as soon as I noticed the photos were up this morning, but my time was bogarted by marking (and should be now by thesis-ing). This is the show I look forward to every year, the Central Saint Martins MA grad show. And as last year was a bit of a disappointment for me, this year’s crop of fresh-faced designers are once again making me excited for the future of fashion (as well as making me question my program choice). Even with my picking only 5 out of the 11 that went down the runway last night, there are so many fantastic collections to get through, so let’s get started.


1) Having seen that my favorite designer is back in the saddle so to speak by working on the loom, I totally dig the metallic woven pieces of Graham Fan’s collection. My only question would be whether these would be comfortable to wear.


2) Continuing on the woven theme, these woven polos from Jessica Mort are fantastic. Having grown tired of the shredded tee look that was all over Etsy a couple years ago, this is a fresh take on the deconstructed basic. And this time, the men get a chance to get in on the fun.


3) Still sorta kinda on the woven theme, but more along the lines of a woven fishing net, are these peek-a-boo looks from Fiona Blakeman. Indeed, I think this is what you’d get if a fisher(wo)man decided to become a seamstress. Or, what Ariel would do in a pinch to make a dress, given the general lack of decent green velvet curtains in the ocean.


4) Then, mixing together the woven/net/deconstruction elementsĀ and some shininess all into one is a collection by Serena Gili. The glass bead detailing makes the pairing of the shiny skirts with the netting make complete sense, and makes me want to see Serena collaborate with Abigail Lewis. Or just see more of Serena’s work in general. Please.


5) Last is Teruhiro Hasegawa’s collection. This is my favorite collection of the bunch so it hurt to make the photos smaller, but I wanted to get all 9 looks in here. I’m not even sure what to say about it. This is something you’d expect from one of the huge shows in Paris or Milan. Its utterly perfect. And I was definitely craving the right use of red, as the red soles of the models’ (presumably Louboutin) shoes in Todd Lynn‘s way too darkly lit show distracted me from the otherwise satisfying nearly all-black collection. Well, distracting because I actually caught the live feed of the show and thus noticed the bottoms of the shoes, and mostly satisfying because Todd Lynn is a beautiful man. But I digress.

(Photos via UK Vogue)