Chromat, A/W 14: Bionic Bodies

I’ve been wanting to post photos of the first-ever Chromat runway show, which took place on Thursday, since it has, like, everything, but I couldn’t seem to find clear photos of all my favorite pieces. Then, lo and behold, Becca posted the entire video of the show this morning. Perhaps it’s because it’s the 4th anniversary of when we lost the greatest designer ever, but I can’t help but think that the final looks of the collection, particularly that metal gladiator dress and the wearable tech bra and headgear everyone is talking about, would’ve been at home in a future Lee McQueen collection. Becca, congrats on conquering the world. And dearest reader, do enjoy (warning: NSFW).

By the way, if you’re wondering what that last piece was, I believe it’s ’embroidered’ with lights somehow to recreate the kind of map that would give you. And here’s a backstage photo for a slightly closer look.


(Photos via Facebook)