With the dawn of Lucinda Sinclair’s newest Sanctus collection, entitled ‘Dystopia‘, I have a sneaking suspicion that Sanctus will become the answer for those Ovate fans of us who would prefer not to buy clothing with leather or fur, even just as trims. In this collection, Lucinda has created some drapey noir jersey goodness for us that wouldn’t be out of place in an Ovate lookbook, but Lucinda’s trims are made of vegan leather (e.g. on the cuff of the black dress above). And the Sanctus Asylum Coat, an aesthetic cousin of an Ovate cloak from the Resurgam collection (that I believe, if I recall correctly, had both Icelandic wool and leather in it), is made of vegan suede, vegan leather, and faux sheepskin or faux fur. There’s even a vegan suede and vegan leather moto-jacket, the Remedy Jacket, that has the option of a synthetic silk lining. Hear, hear! That said, my favorite pieces from the new collection don’t have any parts that would make anyone question the strength of my anti-animal-hide resolve, i.e. the jersey Machine Harem Trousers above, and the Desolate Top below, which features a digitally printed chiffon panel that zips off, mesh lower sleeves, and a curved hem. Positively lovely. Here’s hoping that one of the 50 will still be left for me to order on January 1, 2015.