After my post last week about Maria Jennifer Carew’s non-traditional ‘necklace’, I was happy to find out that an online shop was in the works for the LessIS collection. And, now it’s up and running! Jennifer (as she goes by) has worked her paper-clip pendants (which are 3D printed!) in raw bronze, polished brass, and black nylon plastic, each group at a rather decent price (€30, €40, and €8, respectively). I’ve picked myself up a plastic one since I love the look of the matte black, but mostly because of the rather pleasing aesthetic of all of the plastic ones pictured together on a background the colour of my bedroom walls, as opposed to that blue hue behind the raw bronze pendants, i.e. the exact colour of the ridiculously expensive duvet cover I bought and can’t stand the sight of. Now, of course, based on my home decor colour biases, my LessIS pendant will likely end up employed as a bookmark in a pinch, as my desk is positively littered with open books and article printouts at the moment, and I’m running short on scraps of paper that don’t have some important tidbit written on it. So it goes.

P.S. Dearest Ms. Dust, don’t buy yourself a shiny one.