As I just recently defined the central underlying tenet of my thesis (or at least of the intro) as looking at the supposed poems of Sulpicia as pseudepigrapha (i.e. anonymous but intentionally impersonating a canonical male poet), and thus have been writing ‘pseud-‘ or ‘pseudo-‘ over and over, I thought I’d write a pseudo-thesis here.

  • Intro: Everyone is wrong, and I’m gonna tell you why in this thesis.
  • Chapter 1: Everyone for the last 200 years has been wrong.
  • Chapter 2: Because the point of the poems is actually completely different and quite obvious.
  • Chapter 3: I’m right because reasons.
  • Conclusion: Thanks, I’ve been great.

Perhaps getting this down will help get the real thing done so I can focus on more important things. Like processing the crazy event I witnessed last night, being Tanya Tagaq (non-traditional Inuk throat-singer, as featured on Björk’s ridiculously awesome Medulla) providing a live soundtrack to the 1922 silent “documentary” Nanook of the North. I can’t believe I almost didn’t go. Particularly because Tanya is totally adorable, and is basically a Canadian Björk. Seriously. I’d post a video here, but videos just don’t do the intensity of Tanya’s performance any justice, and I couldn’t find any with the same cellist and drummer as last night. I’ll just say: if she comes to your town, leaving the smell-free protection of your house will be completely worth it. And if you see the below album, buy it.


(Front page photo via here)