T(hesis) Cosy


The last semester of a grad degree is really odd. I have no courses to go to and just have my thesis to write, meaning I have no schedule whatsoever and never really have to leave my house. Meaning, I’m in my pajamas for the majority of the day. Which might sound comfy and all, but it would probably be more conducive to the whole writing process if I wasn’t in the same clothes I wear when my brain is off in lala-land. Also, it leads to an awkward situation when a package comes and I have to leave the comfort of my suite and do a 100m walk of shame to open the main building door. So, I think I’ve built a good case for procuring this S/S 14 ROSA • BRYNDIS outfit, i.e. the ‘Coseytop’ and ‘Coseypants’, so that I’m comfy, alert, and fully-clothed. Actually, better throw in the ‘Jackjacket’ too, seeing as the very low Canadian dollar means I haven’t been able to fill my dire need for a bra, particularly a bra that is fit to be seen by postal service workers. Hmm…I might need to rethink that last statement.


(Photos via ROSA • BRYNDIS’s Facebook – thanks for the email, Rosa! And stay warm.)