Less is more


You may have noticed that I’m not big on jewelry. I wear my wedding ring, and that’s it. And even when I used to wear accessories, they were off-kilter in some way: textile, or part of a Slinky, or made of clothes-pin springs, or, my favorite, a huge silver ball choker. But I think I realized today what part of the problem is, at least in terms of necklaces. I like pendants, not chains. When looking for a Christmas present for my sister-in-law, I happily re-discovered Tania Hennessy of Aroha Silhouettes (who worked with Lisa Shahno on ‘The Polyomino Game‘), and I fell in love with the necklace above, the Aggregate Collar. Quirky, made of steel, black, fun tan-line potential…Post-Christmas, I see it’s now 50% off, but the fact that it’s still a pendant that would have to be worn on a chain holds me back from snagging one for myself. Makes me really wish Tania could collaborate with Maria Jennifer Carew, a Milan-based product designer (found via NOTCOUTURE) who is trying to change the concept of the necklace with her ‘LessIS’ collection by making the pendant into a wearable paper-clip. Such a collaboration, i.e. a collar pendant I could actually wear on my shirt, would literally be awesome.

Maria Jennifer Carew - lessIS