In case you’re keeping track, this is the 100th post since kOs’ move to WordPress! I think I’ll stay here for a while. And to celebrate this centennial, I thought I’d list the top 100 posts on kOs. But then, I realized ‘the top 100’ means I’d have to find 100 posts. And so, instead, in lieu of 100, here are the top 10 posts on kOs, decided by traffic/comments/my own biased opinion, and/or the degree to which they encapsulate kOs, in no particular order. Let me know in the comments if I missed one of your favorites.

1) Back in the day, I used to interview designers (and a couple of musicians), and ended up with a human library of 20 interviews. It was a lot of fun, and I love linking back to the interviews whenever I post something new about the interviewees. My interview with Inbar Spector, first posted almost four years ago, is THE top-viewed kOs post of all time. However, if WordPress’ stats are correct, it hasn’t been viewed here even once. This might be a good thing, given that the formatting on the interviews got especially messed up in the move from Blogger to WordPress, meaning these are the posts that look the strangest in kOs’ new home. The content, however, is still the same, so I hope you can still enjoy them. And if you do, click the ‘My human library’ category link or ‘interview’ tag at the bottom of the interview with Inbar to get to the other interviews.

2) What is the top-viewed kOs post according to WordPress’ stats then, you ask? Well, that would be the one in which I give Élodie Laurent, Gareth Pugh’s fashion design assistant, a hard time. Note that this was prior to my close encounter with Mr. Pugh (discussed below).

3) If you just got on the kOs train, you may have missed my week-long run of Gareth Pugh posts, inspired by my meeting of the man himself after leaving an academic conference in NY. Ironically, aside from the rhetorical ‘is your jacket your design’ question and ‘I’m a huge fan’ nonsense, basically all I talked with Mr. Pugh about is the first time I had talked with him, captured in this post. I say ‘ironically’, because I said to Mr. Pugh that my question he answered during the LiveStudio session wasn’t the best question I could’ve come up with, but, rather than asking a better one when given the chance, I didn’t. Thankfully, he was very empathetic about the whole thing, flashing me his charming smile. So, though Mr. Pugh’s ‘In This Corner’ (a feature I used to do) was already one of my favorite Corners, it now serves as a lovely momento of my future encounter with possibly the greatest living designer.

4) This post encapsulates my random and often illogical thought processes, and ability to link nearly anything to fashion. Also, it would be my submission to a bus-riding story competition, if such a thing existed.

5) This post encapsulates how I used to write kOs posts, when I first began the blog. Back then, I’d mull over an idea or two whilst walking home, and couldn’t wait to get home and type it out, often ending up writing multiple short posts with multiple points in each. Looking back, those early posts seem silly silly silly, given that they’re of absolutely no importance outside of their context (or even inside, for that matter), and/or the ideas or outfits posted aren’t profound in any sense of the word. However, those posts were what I needed at the time, for whatever reason. And this post in particular sticks in my head, as I still see the girl whose look became her round these parts, and I still remember talking about this post with one of the first real live people I found out actually read my blog back then. And so.

6) One of my greatest finds ever was not even found, but presented to me in the form of an email from a kOs reader. The find was Julian Roberts, and his Subtraction Cutting method of creating utterly fantastic dresses. I was so excited about this that I tried to explain it to everyone I knew, none of whom could sew. But my enthusiasm must’ve been contagious, because they even thought it was cool. The resulting blog post, which, if memory serves, took me a while to write, can be found here, but also go to this post for access to a free copy of Julian’s book.

7) You may or may not have noticed yet, but I love music. And by music, I mean good music, of course. I often post songs/videos whenever it’s possible to embed ones I love, and was sad to see that some got lost in the move over to WordPress. This one, however, did not get lost, so do enjoy it again, or for the first time.

8) Sometimes I pay too much attention to which photos I post, or in which order. ‘Too much’ because probably no one other than myself notices. In this one though, I made sure that my intentions were obvious.

9) Speaking of mydearthing (click the link in #8), even if you are new to kOs, you may have noticed that I refer to mydearthing many many times. The reason is not just the fantastic mydearthing pieces I am lucky to own, but also the personal link I have to the designer behind the label. This is the unassuming post that started it all (albeit in edited form), which changed my life in more ways than one. And I still wear that dress practically every week.

10) A tribute by Nick Knight and Björk, to the greatest designer of all time. Has it really been almost four years?