Conchita Perez, Take 2


Meow. The last time we saw Conchita Perez here on kOs, she was more on the Shakespearean pirate side of things. With her website down, I can’t see if I had just caught a snapshot of her work and took it out of context, or if there have been some major transitions made in her aesthetic. But it’s probably the latter, because based on Conchita’s Blade Runner-meets-McQueen-esque S/S 14 collection seen here and the similar style of her A/W 13 collection (inspired by 12 Monkeys), it’s quite likely that I totally missed a few steps. Regardless, I’m back on track, and I’m liking it. Also, as the S/S 14 collection is entitled ‘…i walk the line’, I’ll never hear that song the same way again.

(Photos via UK Vogue)