Bela Lugosi’s Dead


Holy moly, I’m being published. And with that, I’ve checked off all the boxes I wanted checked for this degree. You know, assuming that I actually get this thesis written and pass without revisions. Anyway, I’m unfortunately having to limit my time on my new laptop since it’s new laptop smell makes it a bit hard to breathe, and I need to save up that limited time for thesis-writing time. I just wanted to point all y’all’s attention to what Sarah Burton’s been doing with McQueen menswear. Because I like it. The only question is, if men start dressing more on the feminine side (yes, I’m calling a three-piece suit where the third piece is a kilt ‘feminine’), will they start shopping like women? I was in complete agreement with Kate Abnett’s article over at NJAL about men having much better shopping practices than women in general (emphasis on the ‘in general’), but that only holds if the standard male wardrobe stays as it has for the last century or so. Because if men start incorporating traditionally more feminine pieces into their wardrobes (again, yes, I am calling a kilt ‘feminine’, because a kilt is a skirt and I’m sure those McQueen models aren’t all Scots) and the fashion industry doesn’t clue in fast enough, men will start having to shop in the womenswear sections to get those suddenly needed pieces. And if that’s the case, men may fall prey to the trend of buying multiple pieces just to find the right one to match their trusty go-to suit. That said, I’m sure Sarah Burton’s A/W 14 collection has already been knocked off and is available next week in dodgy stores near you, so, like, whatever.

Anyway, let’s have another look at the zippered looks. One of my favorite skirts ever was a black piece with zipped pleats. Would love to replace it with one of these, and pair it with a zipped jacket. Minimal, yet edgy. Sigh.


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