This bit of news to start off the new semester is sad, but for some reason makes me happy. From the desk of Jona, designer of InAisce:

After enjoying a handful of fruitful and stimulating seasons, I have decided to stop INAISCE ready-to-wear to explore other projects.  Instead of full collections, I will intermittently release limited experimental garments, collaborations, and certain signature pieces.

So, sad, because there will be pretty much no way for regular Joes like me to get another InAisce piece. But happy, because this is much preferable to seeing Jona burn out and lose his passion that was still so obvious in the most recent collection. Kudos to Jona on making what I’m sure was a hard but good decision, and best of luck in transitioning to the next step. It’s been a pleasure seeing each and every ready-to-wear InAisce collection, and I’m looking forward to whatever you create next.

(Photo of a collaboration between Jona and TAIANA)