Nordic Talent

The newest opportunity to vote for your favorite young designers on MUUSE, this time a collaboration with ELLE Style Awards, allows us to help ELLE’s Scandinavian editors name the New Nordic Talent of 2014. Due to the brevity of info provided, I’m not sure what perks such a title brings to the winner, I’m not sure without counting how many designers are in the competition, and I’m not even sure how designers qualified as being Nordic, as there are a couple designers from countries that definitely cannot be labeled ‘Nordic’ or ‘Scandinavian’ by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, there are a lot of designers in the competition who I would not label ‘new’, seeing as they’ve been on the kOs radar for quite some time, namely Yvonne Laufer (vote here), Stine Ladefoged (vote here), Sara Lohman of Orphan Bird (vote here), Minna Palmqvist (vote here), Elin Sundling of It’s All Make Believe (vote here), and Ditte Lerche (vote here). Nonetheless, it’s great to help these designers in any way we can, especially as we can vote for as many designers as we want. Also, I’m always happy to expand my knowledge of designers in the part of the world that I probably come from in another life. So, aside from the aforementioned, here are my (new-to-me) picks for the New Nordic Talent of 2014:


Lea Hedegaard from Denmark. I think this pick is pretty self-explanatory with the layering and deconstruction and black and whatnot. Vote here for Lea.


Björg Skarphéðinsdóttir from Iceland (obviously). It’s true that I have a bias for all things Icelandic, particularly ones with a name close to the indomitable Björk. But Björg’s collection also caught my eye with the collection description ‘a dog’s trip to space’ and overall glam-ness done right. Vote here for Björg.


Connie Riiser Berge from Norway. I’m fairly certain that I’ve seen Connie’s work before, and have no idea why it hasn’t been on kOs yet. So, here it is. Vote here for Connie.

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Lastly, Alisa Elina from Finland. For some reason that I can’t really pinpoint, Alisa’s collection is one of my favorites out of the whole competition. Vote here for Alisa.

Voting runs until January 24th.