Happy No New Wear!



I don’t know how many of you are New Year’s resolution type people. I definitely am not. However, last year I made one on a whim (to not go to Huff Po even once for an entire year) and I greatly benefited from sticking to that, so I thought I’d make another one for this New Year. And though I think the rules state that I have until midnight tonight to change my mind, I think that this year I’m going to not buy any clothing for the entire year.

Which is totally doable, right? I immediately know I’ll have to make two conditions on this resolution. First, I can break it if I absolutely have to. As in, if the pants’ section of my closet goes up in flames, I can buy a new pair. Or, if all of my underwear are completely unwearable, I can buy a couple underthings. Second, if mydearthing starts up again, I can buy a few pieces (hey, I have priorities…). Of course, I’m already beginning with a deficit here, as my cleaning up spree the other day alerted me to the fact that not only one but both pairs of my black jeans each have a giant hole in the crotch, making them unwearable with normal length shirts. And, as being a grad student is not so good for your waistline, that leaves me with one pair of jeans suitable to be seen in public, albeit a pair really only wearable in the summer or indoors. But, believe it or not, I once survived without black jeans, and, by golly, I can do it again. I think. (Hey Lauren, think you may want to experiment and create some mydearthing denim?) Anyway, to document my progress/keep myself accountable, I’m going to post every clothing purchase I make here until it’s obvious I failed and need to rethink life. Wish me luck, and feel free to place your bets now.

(Photo taken by me from a church tower in Montreal a few years ago, overlooking where I saw both Sigur Rós and Cirque du Soleil.)