Captain’s Waterlog, Stardate R.I.P.


I dumped an entire glass of water on my laptop. Possibly in a subconscious response to the loss of a feline friend, which I would later discover occurred at possibly the same time (R.I.P., dear Simone). Then, in a bit of a haze, it took me much too long to react and get it dried off. It’s now been sitting open with its insides exposed to a fan for three days, so today is the day we put Humpty back together. Here’s hoping it loves me as much as I love it so I can finish up this paper without having to recreate the research I didn’t back up. Also, blogging on a tiny tablet is the blurst. Anyone in the market for MacBook Pro parts, if I killed it? Sigh.

Edit: I killed it. Also, I couldn’t even upload a photo on my tablet. So now that I’m on a borrowed computer, I’m uploading two photos. Take that, tablet! 


(Photos from US designer Courtney Belanger, via NJAL. I think I need a neoprene cover for my next laptop. It’s the only way it’ll be safe from me.)