Silent White

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When I was flipping through this lookbook yesterday on NJAL and reached the end, I was like ‘what’s with the white pieces?’, seeing as the collection is called ‘Black Mood’. But when I found the designer’s Facebook, it seemed like the entire label is called ‘White Silence’, not just the previous collection, so then I thought ‘okay, white is allowed’. But then I found the designer’s Tumblr, and it looks like label could actually be called ‘Silence Code’, and ‘White Silence’ is indeed just a collection name. But, you know, a rose by any other name and all that, so let’s just get down to what we know:

  • Designer: Tatiana Balaban
  • From: Moldova
  • Makes: really awesome shirts
  • I want: all of them (particularly the last one, with the tiny slashes and hints of white and suspension waistline)

Oh, in the end, I liked that the Black Mood collection had a couple white pieces, because now the first row of posts on the homepage are all in white, in honour of the snow that hasn’t stopped for two days, and the blankness on the last 5 pages I have to fill up for this term paper. The world makes sense again.