Âme Sœur


With the last paper of my degree aside from my thesis nearing completion, the time is quickly approaching for me to actually sit down and write out my thesis. Though, having written four term papers and three conference papers on various aspects of my thesis topic (as well as my BA thesis), I feel like all I have to do now is a bit of Tetris playing, moving parts around and arranging them into a coherent whole. However, I have a feeling that I have too much material now, and will have to cut something to keep under the 100-page maximum. Ah, if only I could do what Berlin-based label Âme Sœur does with their ‘One-Cut-Piece’ concept, relying on folds and tucks and stitching to give shape to a single piece of cloth. If I sew all those individual papers together into one giant sheet, perhaps I can keep what would normally be cut by folding them into footnotes or appendices or diagrams…Or maybe I should just write a book. Possibly whilst wearing this dress.


Anyway, about Âme Sœur: 2 sisters (Sabina and Madina Taschén), everything done in Germany, found via NJAL, brilliant Rad Hourani/origami mullet (boxy androgyny in the front, folded wonderfulness in the back), thinking outside of the box. Or, in the box, but a box made out of a single piece of cardboard, and put together in an unexpected way. Or perhaps in the box where the ambiguity is