One reason why I was really looking forward to moving out of our tiny apartment was knowing that, in the new place, we would finally be allowed to hang stuff on the walls. We’ve now lived in the new place for five months, and nothing save a mirror has gone up. It’s not even for lack of stuff to put up, as there are currently four pieces sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, ready and willing to hang, and at least two other pieces waiting to be framed. But something is holding me back from putting that first hole (well, third, given the aforementioned mirror) in the lovely paint colours which I picked. Whenever I do get the courage though, I want something from moviebarcode somewhere, as I think the visual representation of a movie in abstract form (i.e. every scene compressed and spliced together) is quite neat. In the meantime, knowing that it’ll probably take until the summer to get the hammer out, I’m going to use moviebarcode as a movie review service. For example, I know I want to watch a new Ryan Gosling film, but heard that one is horrible and the other quite good. Without risking spoilers by reading reviews with words, let’s instead compare the aesthetic of the movies in barcode form. The first is Only God Forgives


…and the second is The Place Beyond the Pines.


Yeah, I’m going to go with the second one. The first looks terrifying.