All I Want For Christmas


Since everyone has jumped on the neoprene bandwagon by now, it was just a matter of time before there was neoprene underwear. And given the fact that neoprene can be quite warm (as I can attest from having neoprene winter boots), the idea of being in close quarters with this fascinating stiff material doesn’t appeal to me in theory. But in reality, I want this neoprene bra by the always incredible Aussie label, Hopeless. And having procured three pieces from Hopeless already, I know that this one would not disappoint. The question is, is it inappropriate to ask Santa for a bra? We could just call it a ‘top’ if that makes it any better (Gabrielle even suggests layering it over something, and thus ordering a size up if between – I’m a size ‘L’ then…). All I know is, if this isn’t under the tree, I am ordering myself one (and perhaps a Hopeless NZ merino cami, as seen below) as soon as possible.