Black Monday

Because I hate store-shopping and think it’s ridiculous to label the Friday of some other country’s holiday THE day to stand in line all day, make sure you max out your credit cards before Christmas, and knock over a few people/get knocked over in the process, I don’t take part in Black Friday. And, because I have no money, I don’t take advantage of Cyber Monday. That said, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to celebrate the colour black on a particular day of the week. Therefore, from this Monday forward, let the Monday after some other country’s holiday be known as Black Monday. And to celebrate, let us look upon some items in black that I would allow myself to get knocked over for, if I got said items in return.


1) First up is an Alexandra Groover piece, the ‘Tide Gauge Top‘, available in her newly updated online shop. This piece reminds me of that S/S 10 mydearthing short-sleeved cardigan which was one of the rare mydearthing pieces that I couldn’t see fitting in my wardrobe (pace Lauren). In retrospect, I think the only issue was that it wasn’t black, as having three drawstrings as opposed to one and the possibility of turning the cardigan into a cape doesn’t make it that much more closer to my style. Or does it…


2) Another Alexandra Groover piece, because it’s been too long since seeing stuff from Alexandra. This one is called ‘Tide Pool Top‘, also now available in her online shop.


3) Having seen on Barbara Í Gongini‘s Twitter that from now until the end of the month, you can get free international shipping and then 20% of your next order, I thought I’d make sure there wasn’t something I could afford. Of course, my radar scoped out one of the most expensive pieces in the shop, being this supposedly one-of-a-kind wool coat (I say ‘supposedly’, as two sizes are listed as available). Sigh. In the words of Derek, I loves it.