Nobody expects the Jedi Inquisition


Having forgotten what ‘PODOLYAN’ signified, I clicked on a Facebook link this morning entitled ‘Jedi Inspired Womenswear in Podolyan S/S 14 Lookbook’. As a Star Wars fan and clothing fan, I of course was intrigued. And, I hate when I can’t remember a label who I must’ve liked enough to have previously gone through all of the trouble to ‘like’ on Facebook. However, I wasn’t all that convinced about the Jedi inspiration in the lookbook, even when the models brought out the neon lights. Good thing I was convinced enough that PODOLYAN was worth refreshing my memory about, because the runway photos of the collection and the website’s description of said collection is more vænn (sorry, I’ve only had an inch of coffee so far and am only thinking in Old Norse). It makes much more sense given all the crosses and priestly looking garments that the collection is inspired by the Inquisition versus the Impressionists (in a highly metaphorical manner, of course, rather than a startling anachronism) and rebels (which is where the Jedi connection comes in, I guess). The question is, does it make me a horrible person if I prefer the Inquisition looks over the Impressionist looks (and thus am not representing the latter here)? They even make me want to wear hot pink (or, ‘Fandango’, as this shade is apparently called). Anyway, if you can’t remember where you know PODOLYAN from, go here.