I’m wanting just about everything in the MORPH Etsy shop right now, particularly* as I still have no idea where my warmest clothes are post-move, or if I even have anything that is warm on its own without six additional layers. Brrr…really wishing I had managed to find in one store all the ingredients for the stew I’ll be making tonight. Perhaps after another cup of liquid courage (a.k.a. hot hot coffee), I will venture back out into the winter wonderland. Wish me lu—Doh! I just realized that the previous MORPH collection which I loved so dearly is no longer in the shop. Sigh. Sometimes, being a grad student makes me sad.

*(I must also say, this wondrous collection reminds me of that knit piece from Gareth Pugh’s F/W 06 collection. But I’m trying to subdue my Pugh obsession for your sake. Trying very hard.)

Edit: From November 22-26, you can receive 20% of your order from the MORPH Etsy shop with this code: winterdarkness. Yay!