G(ar)et(h) your sweat(pants) on


To continue my renewed Gareth Pugh obsession, I found another men’s pant that would check off not just my Gareth Pugh box, but also the pants-with-build-in-skirt box. You may remember long long long ago that I was obsessed with a pair of Ethosens men’s sweatpants with a built-in skirt layer that was constructed from a deconstructed suit, back when NJAL had just opened up The Shop and my online shopping fingers were still going through their growing pains. I never did get those pants, but that style never stopped being appealing to me. I must say though, when the Ethosens’ pair is put alongside Mr. Pugh’s pair, there’s simply no contest. Perhaps it’s the black colour that dresses up the ‘sweat-‘ part of the pant, or perhaps it’s the zipped calf detailing that adds just a little bit more oomph than the suit jacket detailing did, or perhaps the cotton/wool blend that I can pretend I can actually see – whatever it is, I want it. Of course, if I did have an extra $1000 lying around anyway, I might consider upgrading from the sweatpant level to the waxed denim or wool crepe level (seen below). One can dream.



And now that I think of it, methinks Mr. Pugh was actually wearing boots of his own design (seen above) when I met him in person. Nicely done. Also, Mr. Pugh, if I could add something to our previous conversation, I’d like to personally thank you for continuing your use of waxed cotton. Love it.

(Photos of the sweatpant version from SSENSE, the waxed and wool versions from Luisaviaroma). Note that all three versions are available from Luisaviaroma, but the zipper detailing is best seen in SSENSE’s photos. Also, SSENSE is based in Canada, and thus there is no possibility whatsoever of any surprise duties being added…)