Pola(r) dress

pola thomsonpola thomson2pola thomson4

Someone just found my blog by Googling ‘men wearing leggings as pants’. My life is now complete. (I assume they found this post with such search terms.) Anyway, I’m off in the early hours of the morning to actually physically present at the NY conference that Mother Nature kept me away from last year. Seeing as it’s roughly 20 degrees warmer in Manhattan than here, I’ll probably be hoping to pull something loose and flowy like this piece by NY-based (clothing and accessories) designer Pola Thomson (seen over three different seasons) out of my backpack. But once I’m in layering/bundling up mode, I’m stuck in that gear for the remainder of the winter season, and I’d probably just ruin the vibe by wearing it with wool pants, a thermal shirt, and some boots…

Wish me luck, and take care of each other. See you in a few days.

(Photos via NJAL)