Minki Cheng


I can’t find any info on Minki Cheng (or his label MIMk) apart from reviews of his (Central Saint Martins) grad collection, but I’m really digging this look from his S/S 14 collection. Not sure why entirely, as the skirt looks too unwearable for me personally (white, probably scratchy, and I’d have to buy something specifically to layer under it). But somehow, together with that fantastic cropped top/jacket, it looks quite lovely. And those slide sandals are eerily like those I’m wearing in a 12-year old photo of myself that I was just looking at. Actually, maybe that’s why I’m fixated on this outfit. Also, the headline for the collection, featured today on NJAL‘s front page, was ‘Pyjamas and Comic Books’. So, as today is both an all-day pyjama sort of day AND it’s the release date of the first new Sandman issue since I first became aware of Neil Gaiman’s wonderful comic book world (and the first new Sandman in 10 years), all in all it’s quite relevant to my interests. Time’s up.


(Photos via NJAL)