City of Glass

I’ve posted a couple songs/videos from this fantastic Canadian duo before (well, the videos got lost in the move), but finally the day of the first City of Glass full-length has arrived. My favorite song on The Modern Age is predictably “Tourist”, which was on their 2011 EP, but I’ll be giving the other songs many many chances to claim that honour for themselves. I’ll have a better idea which one will win out once I get a hold of a vinyl copy. If you enjoy City of Glass as much as I do, you can go to their Bandcamp page and pay whatever you want to download the album. I definitely recommend it. I also recommend that you listen to it with headphones.

Edit: If you’re an Imogen Heap fan, I imagine your favorite song will be “The End”, which is…at the end of the album. But listen through the whole album first in case I’m wrong.