Muybridge Pt. 2

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Do you remember those fantastic 3D sweatshirts from the Berlin-based collective The T-Shirt Issue? Well, they’re back. Too bad I hadn’t been re-introduced to them sooner (thanks, by the way, NOTCOUTURE!), as I would’ve loved to snag one of those wolf sweatshirts. Having said that, I’d be just as happy with one of these black beauties, which collectively capture three different positions of a bird in flight. Be sure to ‘Like’ their Facebook so you and I both are in the know when these are up for grabs. My eye’s on the Position 1 (pictured first, on the left) or Position 2 (pictured second, in the centre). Methinks I’d be too intimidated by my own clothing if I wore Position 3 (pictured last, on the right). Just look at the model below – doesn’t it look like the bird is cawing something sinister in her ear…or something? Though the silhouette of Position 3 is quite awesome. Hmm…