Apollonius of Oslo

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Now that the dreaded cold has arrived (a head cold, that is, not the beloved fall weather), I’d very much like to be somewhere warm and dry. And since I can’t abandon ship just yet, looking at Emma Liljedahl’s BA grad collection (above and in video form here and here) will have to do for now. Emma’s quite a fantastic NJAL find, I must say. She’s a Norwegian menswear designer who just showed her label a p o l l o n i u s at Brooklyn Fashion Week a couple weeks ago, and she’s already slated to show at NYFW in February. Since I quite enjoy Emma’s use of layering and panelling in her A/W collections, that’s definitely a show I’d like to be at. Though I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from calling the label ‘Apollonius of Rhodes’. The downfall of being a Classics nerd…

(Photos via the a p o l l o n i u s Facebook)