Tsolo Munkh, S/S 14

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Holy moly. I really wanted to put off starting a conference paper for a few more minutes, so I decided to fix the formatting of a couple old posts. The first one that came up was the last time we visited a Tsolo Munkh runway presentation, the Mongolian designer’s S/S 11 collection. When I realized how long it’s been and remembered how wonderful Tsolo’s work is, I immediately abandoned the idea of editing posts, frantically Googled Tsolo, and nearly had a fit when I saw that I’ve missed three entire collections from her. But then I realized that no S/S 13 collection was posted on her website, so I quickly scanned through her ‘About’ page, and, lo and behold, Tsolo presented her S/S 13 menswear collection at a New York gallery alongside kOs-favorite InAisce in June 2012. OMG, as all the cool kids would say! A couple clicks later, I ended up at Tsolo’s Facebook page (Facebook! I can remember when a Google search for ‘Tsolmandakh Munkhuu’ only brought up ASVOF’s coverage of Tsolo’s 2010 Hyères presentation and various spin-offs of that post, including my own!), and here we have Tsolo’s S/S 14 collection, shown at Paris last month. Yes, I know I went there for the S/S 13 collection, but this collection is much more relevant to my interests. Particularly that 2nd dress, seen in closer detail below. You can definitely see Tsolo’s sources of inspiration for this collection in this piece alone, being Mongolia and the eagle.


Absolutely fantastic stuff, and exactly everything I could’ve hoped for. Which I’m not surprised about at all, coming from Tsolo, but I think it’s rather uncommon for a designer to still be creating gallery-worthy yet wearable collections with this amount of detail three years after becoming an overnight sensation (at least in the underground fashion world) with her debut collection. Methinks it has something to do with the fact that Tsolo is still based in her home country. Speaking of which, in the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there.

By the way, this collection also includes menswear, as Tsolo has continued to experiment on that side of things since the S/S 13 menswear collection that led me on this journey. However, all of the mens’ looks have leather in them, so you’ll have to go here to see the whole collection.

Right. Now, conference paper time. This one is on the disappearance of an unknown poet – can someone disappear if no one ever knew them to exist in the first place? Dun-dun-dunnnn…

(Lookbook photos via Tsolo’s Facebook; close-up installation photos via Jardin des Modes)